Hand Made in Finland

All our products meets the high quality standards and are hand made in Finland.


Unique appearance - small batches, art and creative. Allways new items and new ideas!

High quality

We use high quality materials so our products are safe to use.  Soap makes the skin soft and the users have been told, that they will never use any other soap!

Our soaps are also available with the pure Finnish berries (great for skin care!)

MORE INFORMATION : minna.favorin@gmail.com


Delicious apperance, high quality, what more would you want?

 Soaps and Candles by  Minna Favorin

Ainon- suomalaista käsityötä - made by Minna Favorin

Oy Emmu Ab

Lohilantie 7

37550 Lempäälä



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